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Viscum album Gene Space Database (2023)

Viscum album is known for its very special life cycle, its particular biochemical composition, its unique mode of respiration and its extremely large genome. We here offer the full-length transcriptome of Viscum album, consisting of more than 90,000 distinct sequences from our recent project. Both the nucleotide and protein sequences are provided and a functional annotation was computed using the best blast hit method on the UniProt/Swiss-Prot (Boutet et al., 2007) and UniProt/TrEMBL (The UniProt Consortium et al., 2023) databases. Further information (e.g. molecular weight, IEP) can be found in the excel file.

Protein Search

Have a quick look to see if we found your protein of interest in our Dataset. Keep in mind that most proteins are not fully annotated yet. We offer homologs from Arabidopsis/TAIR as well as NCBI or Swissprot matches. For more details, please download the database. (links below)

Blast / Downloads

If you want to blast sequences against our Viscum album gene space database, you can just download the FASTA files.
For a quick look at all identified protein names, view list.

Protein FASTA

raw .fasta file for blasting

Nucleotide FASTA

raw .fasta file for blasting

Excel File

annotated & enriched database

1-click BLAST (for Windows)

just extract the zip file

1-click BLAST for windows


If you are not familiar with blast, we assembled a very simple 1-click package for windows users.

Download and extract the BLAST-Package. Just extract the downloaded zip file. (Right click -> Extract all)
It already includes the Viscum album protein database.

Add your "search.fasta": Put all your search sequences in one FASTA file. If you have them in EXCEL, you can use this tool to convert IDs+sequences into the FASTA-Format. Paste the data into a plain text file named "search.fasta" and put it in the directory with the "blast.bat"

Start the search: Execute (double click) the "blast.bat". This will create a your_results.txt which contains your BLAST results. The software will tell you when it is done searching.

The Plant Journal Cover


Schröder L, Rupp O, Senkler M, Rugen N, Hohnjec N, Goesmann A, Küster H, Braun HP (2023)
The Viscum album Gene Space database.
Frontiers in Plant Science. 14, 1193122.

Schröder L, Hohnjec N, Senkler M, Senkler J, Küster H, Braun HP (2022)
The gene space of European mistletoe (Viscum album).
Plant J. 109(1):278-294

Senkler, J., Rugen, N., Eubel, H., Hedermann, J. and Braun, H.P. (2018)
Absence of complex I implicates rearrangement of the respiratory chain in European Mistletoe.
Current Biology 28, 1606-1613. 

Viscum album projects

Gelmap Image

Gelmap is a universal tool for spot visualization on a gel image (Rode et al. 2011). At the moment 2 BN/SDS PAGE of Viscum album mitochondria are accessible. One was published in Senkler et al. 2018 and was evaluated with the Arabidopsis thaliana Information resource (TAIR) due to the lack of a Viscum album database. The second was published together with our Gene space I in Schröder et al. 2022 and is a re-evaluation of the Gelmap of 2018 with our Viscum album Gene space I database. Further Gelmaps are in progress and will be published soon.


Complexome profiling allows systematic analyses of protein-protein interactions in cellular or subcellular fractions. Currently a ComplexomeMap of Viscum album mitochondria is accessible. Further ComplexomeMaps are in progress.

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